A major concern to pet owners is fire


In the Atlanta Magazine “Ultimate Pet Guide” Winding Creek was “…considered one of the favorite and most frequently recommended boarding facilities…”In addition to our pet boarding, we also offer activities, our frozen yogurt treats (made in-house!)– Frostbites & Meowgurts, bathing services, nail trims, brushing sessions, and selected retail items. For your further convenience, we also offer a pet taxi pick-up & delivery service. dog boarding kennels Sydney
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A major concern to pet owners is fire. We have all heard the horrifying stories about a vet facility in Gwinnett that burned to the ground in the middle of the night with all pets perishing in the fire. Another story about a horse stable near Alpharetta burning to the ground with all horses killed. These things actually happened and they make us all very nervous about leaving our beloved pets anywhere. Quite frankly, the same concern is true of leaving your pet at home when you are not around to let them out in case of a fire or other emergency. Your home is just as likely to catch on fire as any other type of facility, in fact your home is perhaps more prone to a fire as it consists of many more flammable objects as compared to a commercial building (drapes, carpets, wood furniture, many electronic devices, etc.)Ed & Joan Klink, owners of Winding Creek, have the same concerns and fears. As pet owners our entire lives, we have always worried about our pets getting hurt when we are away from home. Due to our own concerns and worries, at Winding Creek we have implemented very strict systems & procedures to protect our boarding guests from emergencies, smoke, or fire.First and foremost, we have a very sophisticated, state of the art fire/smoke protection system. We start with the latest smoke detectors scattered throughout the office, cattery, and kennel facilities. These are all wired together, powered with 110v electrical system and battery backup. We then add another dimension of protection by placing heat flash sensors directly above any device that might produce a flame. These heat flash sensors are over all our furnaces, hot water heaters, dryers, etc. throughout the entire kennel & office. Heat flash sensors do not detect smoke, but rather measure temperature rise. They will set off the alarm if the temperature flashes up over a certain point in a very short period of time. By itself the smoke detectors & heat flash sensors are a fairly good protection system, but one of the problems we face in boarding facilities for cats & dogs, is lots of hair flying around that can reduce the effectiveness of the smoke detectors (or so we are told by the experts). So, we add yet another dimension of protection by using infra red sensors that run the entire length of all our kennel facilities. Should anything block the path of these sensors (ie. Smoke), the alarms are activated.

Sooner or later, most pet owners will face the question of what to do with their pets when travel, illness, or family emergencies disrupt the normal routine. When you’re away from your pets, you want to know that they are receiving the best care possible.At Winding Creek Kennels, your dogs and cats receive all that and more at a convenient location close to your home and travel. We are a distinguished full service pet boarding facility, a kennel & cattery with country charm where guests are treated as if they were our own children. Our primary consideration is to provide a safe, clean, loving, and healthy atmosphere for your pets while you are temporarily unable to care for them.We are a family owned & operated pet care facility, where professionalism and customer service is second only to the proper & healthy care of our guests. Winding Creek was established in 1993 by owners Ed & Joan Klink, who continue to live on the premises to ensure that your pet is given the best attention possible. In addition, several animal caretakers live on the premises to ensure the safety of our boarding guests. We have staff overseeing the facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as excellent veterinarians on call.We are situated on 36 beautiful acres in the country, conveniently located between Gwinnett and Athens/ClarkCounty, just off Hwy 316 or Atlanta Hwy.